Assignment can be divided into three categories: 1. Reading includes compiling or reviewing textbooks, improving students’ knowledge level and broadening their horizons; 2. Reading textbooks and other practical measures, including reading, repetition, repetition, answering questions in writing, calculation practice, drawing, writing and other creative tasks. 3. Practical measures, including practice, experiment, observation, measurement, modeling, etc.Tasks are usually divided into two forms: essay and report. They take different forms, but to a large extent they are the same. Whether to write essay or report format will be clearly required in an assignment. Please try to read the topic carefully.A good assignment is a necessary skill for every student. An excellent assignment can not only enrich their own skills, but also grasp the attraction of teachers. This article will teach you how to write an excellent assignment.


1、 序言Abstract (sequence)
The number of words in 1-2 paragraphs is 10-15% of the article. For example, if an article requires 2000 words, then abstract generally writes 200-300 words, unless otherwise required.
The purpose of abstract is to let readers know what our article has written, so at the beginning of abstract, we should summarize and explain the title of the article in 1-2 sentences. In short, we should summarize the title of the article in our own words.
The details of abstract need to summarize what we have written in our article and what we need to pay attention to. Each argument only needs to be summarized in 2-3 sentences. The conclusion of abstract needs to be summarized and extend all our arguments and the whole headline.

2、說明 Introduction
The number of words is 10% of the total number of articles. For example, if an article requires 2000 words, then introduction generally writes 200-250 words, and only uses one paragraph, which cannot be divided into two paragraphs.
The first two sentences of introduction are used to explain the title of the article, that is, summarize the title of the article in your own words, and then introduce the background of the title of the article in two sentences.
Introduction is mainly to write what we are going to write in the article. We can use 2-3 sentences to summarize all the arguments. Each argument can be summed up in a few words.
At the end of introduction, there is no need to write a summary sentence, that is, each argument must be written in a paragraph. In other words, only one argument can appear in each paragraph, and two will be deducted.
I, he, she and other people can’t appear in the body part, except for the examples. Every paragraph should have introduction, explanation and examples. Next, I will focus on how to write these four parts: introduction, write our main argument or idea in 1-2 sentences; explanation, explain our argument in 1-2 sentences; examples, support our argument, and this part should focus on writing, because examples are very important in the article.

3、 結論Conclusion
The number of words is 10% of the total number of articles. For example, if an article requires 2000 words, then the conclusion usually writes 200-250 words.
A conclusion can only be written in one paragraph, and cannot be written in two paragraphs.
The first two sentences of the conclusion are used to explain the title of the article, which is simply to summarize the title of the article in your own words.
Conclusion is mainly to summarize the arguments in our article, and each argument should be summed up in one sentence.
<标题> The last sentence of the conclusion needs to be extended, but no new argument can appear in the conclusion.


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